What Does Your Skin Say About Your Health?

Have You ever noticed your skin type? Probably not I guess. As we all know that skin is the largest organ of the human body and weird changes in it can be a sign of some serious health-related issues. Our skin works as an indicator to tell us what went wrong in the body. Come down with us to know more about your skin –

Unwanted Hair –

If unwanted hair growing around your chin or below your belly button then be aware it might be a sign of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It is a hormonal disorder which causes infrequent or irregular menstrual periods.

Dryness & Itching –

Usually, dry skin causes due to that particular skin type. But dry skin along with abnormal itching may be a sign of high fever and Asthma. Basically, asthma is a condition of the body in which your airlines/airways produce more mucus. So, resulting in shortness of breath and irregular breathing. Asthma can be life-threatening if not cured on time, so, visit your doctor at regular intervals. You can overcome asthma by following basic precautions. Symptoms of asthma are trouble in sleeping due to shortness of breath and chest pain due to cough, etc.

Red Spots on Jawline and Chin –

Red bumped spots over the jawline or chin may on be a sign of disturbance in your menstruation cycle. you must need to be careful if such thing happens with you. Go visit your gynecologist asap.

Redness & Red Bumps –

If you are getting much of red bumps on your face then don’t ignore it as every time they are not pimples. Excessive Red bumps on your face may be a sign of Rosacea. It’s a type of skin disease which affects the face.

Sunspots –

If you get dark spots on your skin after being exposed to sun then you might be suffering from the disease of sunspots. It occurs on the parts that are more exposed to the sun like face, hands, etc. If you don’t care at the right time than these spots will turn into moles that don’t get recovered and may be life-threatening.

You are the sole person to keep your skin safe. So, don’t ever take risk of avoiding these symptoms because it’s not a matter to be afraid of but to be responsible about yourself.

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