Parenting Of Parents – An Universal Issue



Parenting is a psychological strategy that parents use in nurturing their child. The quality of parenting defines which type of bond you are going to have with your child for a lifetime.

The process of parenting should be supportive of the healthy growth of a child for instance, mentally and physically both. As your way of interaction and discipline rules matters a lot.

Researchers have found that there are 4 basic ways of parenting. Now let’s see, under which category of parenting you fall.

Types & Ways of Parenting –

  1. Authoritarian Parenting – In this way of parenting, parents believe that child should follow their rules anyhow that too without denying. Authoritarian parents never give a stand to their child’s opinion in any case and always opt to punish the child instead of getting him/her in discipline and as a result, the child may become aggressive.
  2. Authoritative Parenting – Authoritative parents always try to create a positive relationship with their child because they understand and respect their child’s feelings. Such parents praise their child at times for their work but also make them feel that adults are right. In such an environment, the child becomes happy, successful and expressive.
  3. Permissive Parenting – In this way of parenting, parents walk with a feeling that “Kids will be kids” and don’t interfere much in their child’s activities. They think their child has the ability to learn by his/her own. Such parents make rules but don’t enforce to follow them strictly. In this environment, the child may face little problems in future because they lose the habit of obeying the rules.
  4. UnInvolved Parenting – Parents who don’t spend much time and energy in guiding, nurturing and giving attention to their child, fall under this category. They believe that children should raise themselves on their own. Because of this, the child may feel neglected sometimes which may result in some health or behavioral issues.

Conclusion –

At the end, it’s only about building a healthy relationship with your child and which may require to be permissive at times or authoritative or even uninvolved and giving a little free hand to the children. It depends on the strategy you use in parenting your child.

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