Monsoon Skin Allergies & Preventions

After the continuous scorching heat of May and June, the month of July fills us with refreshing rain because the rainy season is to pack bags and move out for a holiday. Experiencing the craziness of hiking over the lush green mountains and enjoying the cold breeze amidst the scenic beauty of nature. What more does anyone want? But, unfortunately, this loving monsoon brings with it many skin related issues like allergies, skin boil, etc. It is quite necessary to follow preventive measures for these monsoon allergies.

Take a quick look on these basic allergies most of us experience during monsoon.

Acne/Eczema –

Acne is the most common skin disease among teenagers and adults. Mostly, it causes blackheads or pimples on the face or upper back. It is not life threatening but it becomes severe if not treated for long. Visit a dermatologist to have good treatment over it.

Hyper-pigmentation –

It is also a skin disorder that takes place due to direct exposure to the sun. This allergy causes dark patches on the skin and specifically on the face. This disease is just because the skin starts to produce extra melanin. Melanin is the substance in our body that gives skin it’s color. This makes dark spots to appear somewhere on the skin like patches. Many treatment options are available for this including lightening creams over the affected area.

Facial Folliculitis –

This is a common skin disease in which pimples are caused near the hair follicles with a dot of pus. It pumps pain sometimes and can occur anywhere mostly on the upper body. It is mainly caused by fungal and bacterial infection during the rainy season. We can control it by preventing excessive sweating. Also, take regular baths and keep your body hydrated to avoid this.

So, if you are also experiencing any of these diseases then its time to consult a skin doctor to enjoy the beautiful rainy season.

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