7 Most Demanding Mobile Application Features in 2022

The generation of 2022 is the generation of smartphones. According to the statistics of 2019-20, there are more than 3.5 billion smartphone active users. And every year this ratio increases day by day. With the growing popularity of smartphones, the usage of mobile applications is also increasing. There has been growth in downloads each year. And this course will remain the same in the advancing ages as well. There were more than 204 billion app downloads in 2022 according to the statistics.

We all know that a mobile application is a software program intended to run on a mobile device be it a phone, tablet, or watch. Mobile applications often stand opposite to desktop applications as they are designed to run on desktop computers, and web applications in mobile web browsers instead of mobile devices directly.

There are different applications for different purposes. Like if we want to connect with different people: we can use WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. But if we want to order something like purchase online then we can use Amazon, Flipkart, Zomato, or Jio Mart.

So this analysis concludes two things:

  1. There are different apps for different purposes.
  2. There are various apps for the same purpose.
benefits of mobile application

What are the benefits of mobile applications?

  1. Massive chance to grow E-business
  2. Get official interaction with customers
  3. Easily meets the targeted customer
  4. free advertisement for your job
  5. Makes you more comfortable
  6. Seasonal businesses gain more choice.
  7. Boost up conflict

So, the question that arises is why are there different applications for the same purpose? For example, according to the recent data collected in 2019, there are more than 300 social media applications. So, you must be thinking, what are the things that make the applications differ from each other? The answer features. Features are the strongest base of an application that attracts its users. The mobile apps compete with each other based on their features, what they provide their users.

If you are a software developer you might be thinking what can be the best features that you can introduce in your apps. Or you may be a user thinking what are the best features so that you can choose the best application for your work.

Below the list of 7 Most Demanding Mobile Application Features in 2022 that are needed in every mobile application.

1) User-Friendly Interface:

A simple design or friendly interface is needed in every application. No one likes to use a tough interface and waste their time figuring out where what is. Steve Jobs said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” This statement won’t be changing anytime soon. However complex the logic is, if it’s presented only, with easy-to-use means of navigation, it is appreciated by users. According to the statistics, more than 65% of users prefer a simple design over a complicated one.

2) Search Feature

Introducing a search in any mobile application makes the app handy for users. Even currently 75% of the population use apps with a search feature. Mostly the big apps provide users with a function that allows users to locate content with the help of keywords and key phrases, making the task rather handy for them.

3) Social Connectivity

Socialization is a necessary feature in brands and consumers connecting within the application ecosystem. Collaborating with social channels helps people to connect and share about various events. This feature not only helps to connect people for socializing purposes but the work needs too. And in fact, this feature is the need of the hour.

4) Security

Many apps come and go. What makes an app stay in the market is the user feeling comfortable while using it. If the customer doesn’t feel secure while operating the usage of the application will drop drastically. The primary feature that should be implemented is to protect data confidentiality. Security aids should be added to keep data both private and secure. This will not only enhance the trust portion but will also extend the usage of the app.

4) Navigation

Indoor Google-Maps is a feature that has been introduced not so long ago. It permits navigating among various indoor locations. It is really beneficial in locating the shortest route between different restaurants, malls, cinemas, etc.

5) Ability to work offline

This feature provides as much app usability as possible without an Internet connection. Everyone wants at least some work to be done if Internet access isn’t available. This feature has got to be balanced between data and security.

6) Push notifications

Notifications is one of the most important features that help in direct communication with customers by applying a device. It helps in keeping track of updates, sending promotional offers that drive engagement and monetization opportunities.

These are the 7 most demanding features that are needed in mobile applications that will help to reveal what makes a good app profitable. These features can be applied to all the apps irrespective of the mobile interface one uses.

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