Magical Remedies with Salt

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A mineral composed of sodium chloride (NaCl) is referred to as Salt. Salt (NaCl) in its natural form is crystalline in nature and also known as “Rock Salt“. The basic resources of salt are Seawater and oceans. Salt is an important part of human’s life because saltiness is one of the basic human tastes. Consuming a definite amount of sodium is the dire necessity of human’s life. More to this, salt is best -known as a food preservative for many food items. So, Scroll down to know more interesting uses of salt and try them.

Get Rid from Bad Breathing Habit

Many people suffer from bad breathing. Like either, they don’t properly inhale or don’t properly exhale. Bad breathing results in less intake of Oxygen which may invite many heart-related issues. To avoid bad breathing, take one class of hot water poured with 1 tsp of salt in it and then gargle with it. No more bad breath.

Bad Smell of Shoes –

Remove that bad smell of shoes that comes after working for long hours. This smell is because of the moisture. Sprinkle some salt in your shoes and keep them for some time. The salt will absorb all the moisture and your shoes will be smell free.

Bee Sting Remedy –

A bee sting causes a lot of pain around the affected area. The best way to treat instantly on a bee sting is to apply salt on the affected area. The pain will be gone in some time.

Get Rid of Smelly Hands –

Many of us suffer from smelly hands because of sweat. So, to get rid of this smell, apply a solution of vinegar with salt and wash your hands with water. The smell will be gone within minutes.

Stain from Clothes –

Many times we get out clothes inked with stains of different types. So, salt is the best way to remove the stains from clothes. Put your clothes in the salt water for some time and watch the magic. The stain will be gone because of the salt.

Above are the basic and incredible tips over the use of salt. So, go and try all of the above whenever needed because the remedy is in your kitchen only.

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