Easy Asanas To Reduce Your Belly Fat

Welcome readers! greetings of the day. In this busy lifestyle taking out some time for yourself is a little bit tough. But maintaining your health is also a matter to discuss. So, Yoga is the perfect way to live a healthy life with a toned body because it asks to perform you various gestures along with various breathing techniques. Doing Yog regularly reduces the risk of various critical diseases. So, This Yoga day shed all the unwanted fat from your body and gift yourself a fit body. Try these simple asanas to achieve your goal –

Ardha Navasana –

This boat-shaped asana tones your belly fat and gets you beautiful abs. Maintain this posture at least for 10 seconds and then again back to normal position.

Paschimottanasana –

This asana with forward bend helps you to reduce obesity and to have a good posture. This is also known as Forward bend pose.

Sarvangasana –

This asana helps in toning your lower body like legs and butt. It also helps in improving digestion.

Vasisthasana –

This asana with a posture of side plank helps you to get those desired abs.

Vrikshasana –

This asana is also known as Tree Pose. Burn all your extra calories by doing this and also tone your thighs with a perfect shape.

Trikonasana –

This asana is also known as twisted triangle pose by which you can burn your belly fat deposit easily. Have a look below!

Dhanurasana –

This asana is basically to burn the belly fat and also to strengthen the chest and thighs. This asana is also known as Bow shaped.

Ardha Chandrasana –

This is also known as Half Moon as the name itself suggests. Try this posture to have good digestion and improve your abdomen. This asana also helps to get rid of belly fat. Have a quick look!

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