Career vs Job: What To Choose & How?

Everyone goes through this dilemma of career and job at some point in life. Everyone has a passion in life to do something they want. But due to some up’s and down’s most of us get into the daily routine grind. The basic difference between these two terms is that a career possesses natural progress. It’s like if you build your skills, enhance yourself in your particular area then you will be promoted to the higher levels. But in a job, you work not to build but just to earn pretty bucks. Most of us have to take the job that we don’t want to do. So, now the question arises, how to choose between a career and a job?

What To Do?

The basic difference between both of them is of “Money”. In a job, you keep working for hours to earn money. In job, that pay cheque at the end of the month is driving you to work daily. We are not trying to oppress the job profiles. They are also meant for a reason but don’t let your daily tasks to overcome your desires and wishes. As your job will not let you move towards the big picture of your life. You may feel confined in it.

What Decisions To Take?

Having a job of many pretty bucks let you in no-worries area because you are getting an amount of money in your hands irrespective of anything. A job provides you smooth cash flow as a result giving you good security for your future. But on the other hand, following a career may head you towards non-stability. So, prefer to have a pretty job until you get succeeded in your passion but don’t allow these daily job tasks to ruin your dreamy golden days.

The State of Satisfaction –

The job may provide stability but it can’t fulfill you with satisfaction. True satisfaction comes from the true feeling of joyfulness and happiness. Following your passion and interest, you will not feel tired or bored with your work. This feeling will keep you alive to follow your passion consistently. To have a successful career and to follow passion you have to be ready for a life long struggle. You have to prove yourself every day.

Following your dreams and passion is not impossible if you plan how to work for it. Going with the career phase in life may offer you many criticizing comments to pull you down. But stay positive approach towards everything that comes your way.

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