About Us

About Us

Our vision is to automate schools and institutions about their work which includes homework, attendance, events, marks, etc. blackboard Edutech concern about reducing paperwork for maintaining records and transforming them to digitalization through mobile and website application. Our product provides connectivity between teachers, students and their parents like social media do.

Our History

The seed to the thought goes way back to childhood but it caught root later and we came up with an attitude to be a change which brought BLACKBOARD EDUTECH into existence at 1 JULY 2016. The aim was to shed down the opaque walls and to carve the future by managing student life, letting people explore and connect. The name BLACKBOARD EDUTECH was the most relevant name justifying our motive as every individual has traveled along the voyage of education and has transformed from Blackboard to using the technology and we want to make our motive a reality.

Who we are?

We at Blackboard Edutech empower each and every person by adding the digital wave toward the firmness of purpose and optimize the user experience. we believe in carving complex structure into simple and special that would be a change toward mankind. Our product is to mitigate the utmost problems encountered by the institutes and creating a positive environment to keep all valuable insight under one system. we serve the possibility of a potent system that is beneficial to any level of the hierarchy of the certain institute.

Our mission

Schools have gone through massive changes over the last decade with well-built infrastructure and technology that facilitate best in class education to kids. But, what still remains fairly traditional are parent-teacher-school communication and everyday school operations. We still resort to handbooks for timetable and attendance management and go through time-consuming processes to pay fees and access school’s resources. If you would like to digitize and experience the convenience of managing school chores in one touch, then please read on to learn more about the Blackboard Edutech app.
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