89 Years Old Granny Started Her Own Business

Everyone at some age feels like, he/she is too late for doing anything in their life. We give up on many things before doing them. We step ourselves back by thinking that we are too late to start. But this 89 years old granny’s story will definitely lift you up with hopes. Scroll down to know more about this hardworking old granny

How She Started?

Latika Chakraborty was born in Assam and got married to Krishna Lal Chakraborty an Officer-Surveyor. After the demise of her husband, Latika moved with her son. Wherever she moved, Latika started to collect clothes of fabrics in all shapes and sizes. With the cloth, she took the memories of that place with her forever. From her initial days, Latika is fond of making new things out of the old ones. So, she initiated to make small “Potli Bags” using the fabrics. It’s been four years to her journey. Talking about the strings to the body of the bag, every bag is unique in its style carrying the beauty of culture.

Price Range –

Latika is receiving many orders from different parts of the world. The price range of the bags starts from 500 but it is impossible to put any price tag on such beautiful art that she crafts with love. Latika’s business is reaching sky heights and she also maintains her own website for this under the name “Latika’s Bags”. After her husband’s death, Latika is having full-time support of her life-long friend, her sewing machine.

The story of this old granny tells us to live our dream and if you have a passion to do something that you want then nothing can stop you. It’s your choice whether you want to quit or you want to continue. As doing and not doing, everything is in our hands.

So, What You will say for her work?

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